I am currently a Mellon Faculty Fellow in the Department of Sociology at Dartmouth College and in 2023 I’ll begin my appointment as an Assistant Professor. I’ve been named a UC Graduate Excellence Scholar, a P.E.O. Scholar, an Albert C. Yates Fellow, a Southern Regional Education Board Fellow, and an African-American Cultural Heritage Action Fund Research Fellow. My research interests broadly include race & ethnic relations, social movements, intersectionality, and religion. In particular, my work examines how Black Americans perceive and respond to racial inequality and how this resistance varies across institutional contexts. My research has been published in Sociology Compass, Sociological Perspectives, and Humanity & Society. As a scholar, I’ve been recognized with awards such as the UC Department of Sociology’s Outstanding Graduate Student Award, and the Graduate Student Government’s Excellence Award for Exemplary Initiative. Believing in the radical potential of sociology, I teach and produce research with the goal of facilitating social change.